Motorent® is a Greek motorcycle rental company. It operated for the first time in Athens in 1976 and since then it has been offering its clients high quality services steadily ranking first in the motorcycle rental sector.

Motorent® aims at providing its clients with alternative ways of transportation in the city but also on vacation through motorcycle tours.

Motorent® makes motorcycle rental easier for you by providing you with the following options:

  • Customized products and services suiting your needs, both professional and recreational.
  • A variety of motorcycles.

Motorent® possesses a specialized and constantly renewable fleet of more than 60 motor-cycles (models of the past 1½ year), which meet the needs for small-size automatic, middle-class semi-automatic motorbikes as well as large cylinder GT motorcycles (ON-OFF road).

Motorent®’s success was and is true to its vision to create the best and most rapidly developing company in the motorcycle rental branch by constantly investing in new facilities of its own, equipment, renewed fleet and specialized personnel.

Motorent® activities include the following:


We provide motorcycles’ rental to independent clients (natural persons) to be used for tourism, for short periods.

“Gold Trips”- motorent® rentals adventure-tourism services:

We offer a full package of tourist services through organized organized few-day tours at selected regions in Greece, with or without escort by a specialized foreign-language speaking moto-tour leader.

  • Independent day or multi-day moto-tours, with or without a moto-tour leader.
  • Whole day or afternoon moto-tours in the region of Attica with the escort of an experienced foreign – language speaking moto-tour leader (guide).
  • Multi-day moto-tours in various regions of Greece. These wonderful «escapes» combine the joy of moto riding with a taste of relaxation, as you discover some of the most unique and breathtaking views the Greek nature has to offer, topped with the sensation of adventure.

Rent a Dream, Ride a Bike, Explore Greece

It is not simply the slogan of motorent® but the quintessence of its philosophy. It is more than a promise; it is our commitment to continuous improvement, so that we may offer added value to our clients, making their dreams come true as they travel on motorent® bikes.